This Blog is on Hiatus

Hi all!  Please visit my other site to stay connected to this vancouver mommie. You can also find me on Twitter @vancouvermommie And on Facebook at Mommie in the Village See you in the blogosphere! Best, Leeanne

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This blog is on hold

I am working on another blog right now so if you’ve landed here and want to read my blog, please go to for now I’m still @vancouvermommie on Twitter.   I hope to see you soon!   Namaste  

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I’m a real mom. This proves it.

At play gym the other day with Sam and his leaky nose.  Far away from the stroller, where the tissues are. Too tired to chase him down and risk leaving a trail of goop that someone could slip on I say to myself, ‘I’ll just use the inside of my cardi to wipe his nose.  … Continue reading

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